Silicon nitride igniter

Silicon nitride igniter is on-demand ignition components designed to ignite gas furnaces and other heating systems on demand, offering long-term operation while using less energy than some alternative ignition methods.Touching hot surface igniters is not recommended; however, other parts of your heating system may be touched without risk to their cleanliness.


Hot surface igniters were originally made of silicon carbide. These hard and fragile igniters required delicate handling as any wrong move could crack or break them, often leading to no heat calls and leaving customers cold. New silicon nitride igniter is much tougher and can be handled more roughly, helping eliminate no heat calls altogether.

Hot surface igniters are used in heating systems to initiate combustion processes. These igniters typically resemble flat sticks or cylindrical shapes connected to ceramic bases. Once activated with 120V power, their element glows red-hot before warming enough to ignite gas in furnaces – providing a much more efficient means of starting combustion processes than pilot burners can ever hope.

These igniters boast longer operational lifespans compared to traditional igniters, making them more cost-effective for homeowners. Furthermore, they use less energy than other ignition methods which helps increase overall system efficiency.

Silicon Carbide Igniters have long been used in furnaces with issues such as short cycling. But these more durable igniters may also help protect older furnaces that can be damaged by dirt, grease or other factors.

Durability makes these igniters an excellent choice for both residential and commercial applications, including furnace or water heater use, new construction and retrofit projects such as adding an additional gas line to an existing heating system.

Another advantage of this technology is its relative silence compared to traditional spark ignition, which may interfere with radio and TV reception or interfere with arc flash circuit interrupters now required in many homes. Furthermore, these igniters offer more surface area than spark ignition for greater reliability.

Silicon nitride igniter is made from an extremely reliable material: vibration, shock, and temperature variations don’t phase them! Furthermore, this material allows these igniters to be mounted flatly for easier mounting in certain scenarios.


These igniters are used to light natural gas furnaces. When voltage is applied, they quickly reach over 1300degC and quickly heat up. Their heating element is cemented into a ceramic insulator connected to a stainless steel mounting tab – providing a safe and durable alternative to older silicon carbide igniters.

At first, all hot surface ignitors were made of silicon carbide – a gray sparkly material similar to artificial whetstones for sharpening knives – which was extremely brittle and often caused cracking during improper handling – one of the primary reasons for customer reports of no heat. But today’s modern igniters made of tougher silicon nitride are much less fragile; designed to outlive their predecessors for longer than ever.

Silicon nitride ceramics are ideal for use in heating systems as they produce intense heat quickly. This allows them to ignite fuel more effectively than traditional ignition methods and thus make them popular choices in gas furnaces and water heaters. Furthermore, their ignition mechanisms are less prone to damage from repeated cycles.

Silicon nitride igniter produce intense heat to vaporize fuel, which then ignites gas that heats air in a furnace, eventually turning it into flame and ultimately burning off all fuel in its path.

silicon nitride igniter is built for marine environments that expose them to harsh chemicals and elements, withstanding vibration from ship hulls as they move. Their resistance makes them the ideal choice.

Silicon nitride ceramic is easy to maintain. Unlike other types of ceramic, it doesn’t react with water or other contaminants and doesn’t succumb to chemical erosion damage – making it perfect for use across numerous applications and use cases. A silicon nitride ceramic igniter may last for many years with proper care and upkeep.


The hot surface igniter is an effective means of starting a gas furnace. Similar to light bulb filaments, when activated it glows red hot and can ignite gas for combustion – though care must be taken as too much voltage could damage it and break its fragile connections.

Silicon nitride makes an excellent material for igniters as it can withstand extreme temperatures, making it perfect for use in gas fireplaces. Furthermore, its versatility allows it to be formed into various designs while offering excellent thermal performance as well as having a high melting point and chemical stability; additional benefits include reduced expansion rate. Compared with traditional silicon carbide materials, silicon nitride offers greater durability and performance over time.

HPC Fire Inspired introduced a more robust and durable silicon carbide igniter for EI appliances that works just as effectively for pilot ignition, yet is less vulnerable to shipping damage and field wear-and-tear. Their new type has no perforated barrel and instead uses round shapes instead of flat blade designs – perfect as an upgrade from outdated silicon carbide ignition units that may become damaged over time. This device makes an excellent replacement to older silicon carbide ones and should last much longer!

An hot surface igniter(HSI) will quickly reach 1300degC when activated. The heating element is cemented into a ceramic insulator and connected to a stainless steel mounting tab; handling should be handled carefully as the igniter can easily crack if dropped or jostled during handling; for best results it should be wrapped in a towel before being handled by hand. Never touch it directly!

Most HSIs are installed by HVAC construction technicians. Unfortunately, these individuals often treat installing their new silicon nitride igniter in much the same manner they would have installed a silicon carbide one: by simply placing it and turning it on. Unfortunately, this approach could cause movement of the igniter which could result in misfires and delayed ignition; to prevent this scenario from occurring make sure your technician reads through and reads his or her instruction manual prior to installing an HSI.


Silicon nitride ceramic heaters are constructed to be both extremely robust and have long cycle lives, reaching higher temperatures than other forms of heating elements and making a wide array of industries possible. Used extensively in gas furnaces, water heaters and other heating systems for igniting fuel or heating material materials; more cost effective than traditional heaters they can also be operated using multiple control systems.

Silicon nitride’s inert nature helps it avoid chemical reactions with gases and fuels it is being used to ignite, thus avoiding unwanted byproducts from forming and increasing efficiency and decreasing maintenance requirements and costs. Ceramic heaters manufactured using this material tend to be rectangular shaped heaters which can be installed either with or without controllers; each has an enclosed cold zone designed to protect contact areas as well as an encapsulated terminal that prevents short circuiting caused by conductive contamination; lasting several years until eventually replacement needs is necessary.

Not like their silicon carbide predecessors, which were fragile devices. Today’s igniters feature an extremely robust design. Although available in different shapes and sizes, all share a basic structure: an orange glow when powered with 120V; attached to a ceramic base which isolates their wire connection; and attached to an insulate base which protects from vibration.

Hot surface igniters are part of your furnace that light the gas in its combustion chamber. There are various styles available and this item should be regularly replaced. Some experts claim that oils from your hands may accelerate its demise faster; other experts insist any contaminants on an hot surface igniter don’t pose any danger.

Silicon nitride igniter is an innovative hot surface igniter that uses cutting-edge technology to ensure optimal performance. Engineered for maximum velocity and voltage output, it ensures maximum heating system efficiency for greater comfort – perfect for homeowners or contractors seeking long-lasting heating systems!

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